Young’s History

Young’s Restaurant and Coffee Shop, Inc. (formerly Grant’s Cafe) has been in business in Durham, NH for 89 years. In 1916, Jack Grant opened a small cafĂ© in the lower portion of the Pette Block to cater to the townsfolk and to the students attending the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts. In 1919-1920 he purchased a lot of land on Main Street and build a small restaurant, just big enough for one counter.


As business grew, the restaurant building changed to accommodate customer demand. By 1936, the building had been enlarged and the restaurant served meals three times a day.

The Grants ran this restaurant for 52 years before turning it over in 1968 to Dick and Annette Young of Dover, NH. Wishing to carry on their business name started in Dover in 1956, Grant’s Cafe became Young’s Restaurant and Coffee Shop of Durham.


Dick and Annette continued the tradition of fine foods and good service at reasonable prices until they retired in 1990.

Since then their son Ken and his wife Cathy have continued this great tradition of serving the ‘Best Breakfast in Town’ and upscale lunches at reasonable prices.

UNH alumni visit the restaurant every year their family and friends to reminisce about the ‘good old days’ on campus and downtown Durham. The framed photographs of historic locations hanging on the restaurant walls are always of interest to visitors.

Together with our fine employees we strive for a friendly atmosphere where student, ‘Townie’, and stranger come together daily to eat and socialize.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Young’s Restaurant and Durham, NH.