If you have ever driven down Main Street in Durham NH, you have seen Young’s Restaurant, and if you live here, there is a good chance you have eaten at Young’s. The business has been here since 1916, when Jack Grant opened up Grant’s Cafe on what is known today as Jenkins Court. A few years later in 1920, he bought the land on Main Street where the business now known as Young’s still stands today.

Grant’s Cafe became Young’s Restuarant and Coffee Shop in 1968 when Dick and Annette Young of Dover purchased the business. Young’s is a family owned business to this day.

Kenny Young, the present owner and operator, was 11 years old when his parents purchased the restaurant. He remembers fondly his mother’s words: “Dick, take Kenny to work with you today.” Kenny actually painted the entire building himself one summer when he was 14 years old.

Young’s […]